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Hi There!! I’m Amanda! Welcome to my little part of the internet.

I photograph families and newborns here in Basel, Switzerland. I believe in making it count, keeping it real and that a fresh baked cookie can brighten anyone's day. Acts of service is totally my love language and I thrive on the energy of good company and a steaming pot of tea.

Being a parent, I know exactly what it is like to juggle it all. There never seems to be enough time in the day as we wrangle our littles, fold laundry, keep food in the fridge and quite possibly hold down a full time job with a fairly heavy travel schedule to boot! My wish is to allow you to slow down, just for an hour or two, while we take the time to capture your family on camera that I can guarantee will result in meaningful and artistic images for you to enjoy for generations.

The days seem long, but the years are short, so now is the time to create lasting images of your family as they are today! Click on ‘My Why’ to learn more about why I do what I do, or head over to ‘Meet Amanda’ if you want to know more about the lady behind the camera. Ready to get in touch? You can do that right here too. 

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My Why

Hi! I'm Amanda. A mum, an expat, a dreamer and a doer.... and that makes me a lot like you!


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I feel privileged to work with the very best expat families Basel has to offer. I love to serve you by creating imagery and keepsakes that transports you straight back to your time here in Switzerland and tells your family's story for generations and generations. My photography style is joyful, candid, honest, relaxed and spontaneous. I capture the essence of the love and joy you share as a family with Basel and Switzerland providing the amazing backdrop for our session together. My goal is to make every one of my families to feel special, valued and beautiful, just as you are in this moment of your lives. I embrace the joy and chaos of working with kids and look past the Pinterest perfect picture in favour of something strikingly more authentic. 

Now, I can not wait to connect with you and hear your family's story! Click the 'Meet Amanda' tab to learn more about me. (I don’t bite! I promise!) Or feel free to swipe on down the page and check out my portfolio and investment information on you way to the 'Contact Me' form below. Either way, let’s talk for real, and soon!

There are many reasons why I love working with expat families in Basel: Each family has an original and unique story about how they came to live in Switzerland and I always enjoy hearing new ones! I love learning about how you feel about raising your children here and how you've found navigating daily life as you've adjusted to living in a new country. For many, Basel might only be “home” for a few years, but almost everyone agrees that they can be some of the most formative years of your family’s lives. We learn about, discover, respect, enjoy, love and make memories of the many festivals, traditions, foods and friends that round out our experience and bring extra joy to our lives in this amazing little town we get to call home.

Why I do what I do.....

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I grew up in a beach town and there is nothing in Switzerland that comes close to the sticky salt air of home. But these days, instead of at the beach, you'll find me out and about in Basel with my two little boys; snacks in one hand, wipes in the other and a smile from ear to ear as we make the most of this gorgeous city we call home. I love to drink tea, binge on podcasts and I need sunshine and the company of beloved friends, both near and far. My husband is the Yin to my Yang and for the last 15 years we've been partners in crime to live adventurously.

Here's five fun facts about my life up till now:

1 - I’m a Kiwi born and breed, and Switzerland is not my first expat experience. I lived in the USA for eight years before we arrived in Basel. I lived in both Florida and Georgia and loved my time there. I still miss Target....a lot.

2 - Before mummy-hood came calling, I used to crew on private jets. Getting paid to travel the world in luxury was exactly as amazing as it sounds!

I miss the beach..... every day

about ME

3 - I have also crewed on Super Yachts. That's an industry that teaches you a lesson or two on what a hard days work is.

4 - Back in the day I went to culinary school. What I learnt was that I like to cook and bake by guess-temation. I'll look at a recipe, but I'm not going to measure that teaspoon of cumin it lists, I’m just going to lob a bunch in. I also have a terrible habit of making up a fantastic new dish and then not writing down what went in it. (Insert eye-roll emoji here!) My date and orange scones are killer, and so are my chocolate chip cookies!

5 - My family are my everything. I never imagined I would be the mum of two boys, but I seriously have no complaints about being surrounded by good looking men every day. Don't get me wrong, they have their moments, but they are perfect for me and I can hardly believe my good fortune. 

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Basel Families

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Okay! Lets get down to the nitty gritty and talk about what you can expect and what is covered in my prices. 

I currently offer three simple collections for my families. You can chose from either a one hour, a one and a half hour or a two hour session depending on the locations you have envisioned for your family photos. For example, on a one hour shoot we usually stick to one location, such as Basel's Munsterplatz. If you choose a longer shoot we can move a little further from Munsterplatz to include some photos along the Rhein. A two hour session allows us to move to another location such as the Birsköpfli, Spalentor or even one of the Pharma campus'.

Newborn shoots typically last 45 mins to 1 hour and usually take place at the hospital or soon after your arrival home with your new baby.

All of my sessions are lovingly hand edited to meet the high standard of my work and included all the final digital images selected for your gallery.

Pricing begins at fR.575

On average, most families invest around Fr. 650 for their family sessions.


If you want pictures of your family like you’ve never seen before - call Amanda!”



“Amanda provides an incredible level of personalization and collaboration. She is open to all suggestions and happy to accommodate all of our requests. The experience is an incredible value, and the level of service is unbeatable.”



"I would recommend Amanda for all the moments that are too important to miss"



Amanda comes with ideas and has a great eye for stunning family shots. She is fast and easy to work with. I am always impressed with the results!”



Amanda is a very talented photographer who is also personable, fun and flexible. She did our photo session outside with Basel landmarks and they were outstanding!”



Amanda She made us feel really at ease and managed to tame our wild toddler enough to get some great shots that we will treasure for a lifetime


Get Schooled!

Exclusively for Schools, Daycares and Playgroups my Fine Art School Portraits are a modern approach to school photos. No more cheesy smiles with strange backgrounds. The background will be black and the photos will be simple and classic. Instead of forcing a cheesy grin, the children will be encouraged to be themselves and will never be forced to smile.

I am able to offer all of the same services as large photography studios, however my photos are genuine and my service is more personal.

Sounds awesome, right?! Click the "Get Schooled" button below to learn more!

Beautiful, Timeless, Modern

Fine Art School Portraits

Forever is composed of nows

- Emily Dickinson

I never force a smile and simply aim to capture the essence of the child I photograph. No awkward poses or faces, just the authentic child on the day. The results are genuine and timeless portraits that are far from the traditional cheesy photos we have become accustomed to with bright flashes and unflattering, busy backgrounds. I provide a light and fun experience for your children and take pride in providing an environment where the kids can relax and be themselves, naturally.

Print Collections Begin at Fr.30
Collections with Hi-RES digital files also available

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