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sentimental photos of you in the swiss city you call home

Basel has become the backdrop to countless expat adventures over the years. It is only natural that many families who fall in love with our adoptive hometown dream of having their family captured strolling the cobblestone streets of yesteryear.

As the OG photographer in Basel who began photographing families in the streets (way before it was popular!), I have expert knowledge on what it takes to get the BEST shots in the city.

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when do your sessions take place?

available most weeks throughout the year!

Due to increasing popularity, I now have to carefully manage my bookings. Basel sessions take place on one or two Wednesday's per month in the late afternoon or early evening.

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Which locations are the best?

where does your heart desire?

Most sessions include the best Basel has to offer: Munsterplatz, Rittergasse, Spalenberg, Mittlerbruke and the Rhein.

My sessions are only 20 - 30 minutes long, which is PLENTY of time for busy families so I usually stay within one of these areas.

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What time of day is best for photos?

sunrise & sunset is always best....

...however, for young families, this is not always realistic, especially in summer when sunrise is super early and sunset is super late!

Get in touch today so we can walk you through the perfect time and location for your family!

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"I am delighted with the way our family photo session went last week. She has real skill in eliciting and capturing the best facial expressions and poses, as evident in the dozens of pictures I now want to frame!"



The creative fee for this memoriable photo experience in the Swiss Alps begins at

CHF 250.00

Collections begin at

CHF 550.00

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