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Celebrate your teenager in Basel Switzerland

Dear Parents,

In homes all across the world there is a gap on the family portrait wall. It seems that the “in-between” years are sorely missing. From the time kids start loosing their teeth we seem to slow down on documenting them professionally. In fact, the next professional photos on the books might even be for their wedding!

The good news is, there is a new teenage trend in town, and it is a big deal for you all! Maybe it’s been a while since you graduated high school, or maybe your kids have been too young for you to notice, but teenage photo sessions have become a “thing”.

The teen portrait session is now something approximately 60% of students in the United States who are graduating sign up for.  Yes, they get their free sitting for the yearbook, but these bespoke sessions portraits not only celebrate you child at this pivotal moment of their lives, it also captures their unique personality as they are coming into their own.

Many of the teens in Basel are graduating and moving on from here. Choosing to study back in their native countries or even grabbing the opportunity to study at an international university. Either way, it is quite possibly their last year in Basel. Having a photo session would not only preserve this moment forever, you’ll also get a few images to fill that gap on the wall too!

And let’s not forget, having a kick-arse profile image doesn’t hurt either. Social media is bigger than we ever imagined. The first impression we present of ourselves on these platforms is now critical. That pouty selfie is probably not going to cut it in the employment race. But a polished, professional image that highlights your kids best self will.

It’s time for your kid to celebrate how awesome they are, and also take the first step forward into a more polished look for their future.

Basel is such an amazing town to celebrate your teenager in, so get onboard the teenage trend and capture this time for them! It will fill your wall nicely. I promise!

My teen sessions start at Fr.575. This includes one hour session and at least 30 digital files. You session will be lovingly hand edited to meet the high standards of my work. You can contact me right here to learn more.

Teen photo session Basel

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