Let  Me Paint a Picture

of how we'll make this happEn!

So you love the kind of photos I make and are keen as beans to make some gorgeous photos together?

Here's what you can expect: 


let's plan

Long before we meet up for our session, I'm interested in learning more about you guys so we'll know if I am truly the best fit for you. A session with me is an investment and I'm the first to raise my hand if I don't think my style is a good fit for you.

During our non-salesy, pre-booking chat, we'll get to the heart of what your driving force is for these photos. 

Are you passionate Swiss loving expats? Do you have sentimental ties to Switzerland? or perhaps you were born and raised here and want photos to reflect your passion for nature.

 Whatever the reasons, let me know what you envision for your family session and the outcome you hope for.

schedule a time to chat so I can talk you through exactly how I plan for my sessions, whether they be at home in the city or away in the mountains. 

From this chat we'll know exactly if you will be making the right investment with me. Chances are if you've made it this far, you're on the right track!

schedule a call

Step 2


once you're booked

It's my job to break bring all the moving part that go into booking a family session down it all down into bite sized pieces.

I want you to have peace of mind that i've got this for you!

Booking is seamless and paperless! You'll literally fly through the official booking process!  As soon as you place your deposit, I will send you an online version of my Preparation and Style Guide to help you begin planning your outfits for our session!

Be inspired and start dreaming about how you plan on using your photos!

Loaded with tips and tricks, my Preparation and Style Guide is written by your's truly specifically for my client and session experiences. There is nothing generic about this guide, especially written with you in mind.

I ensure the whole process from start to finish is enjoyable and effortless! You deserve nothing less.

get in touch

Step 3

Step 1


Your photo shoot

In this moment, it is all about love, laughter, hugs, kisses, play and fun. This is your time to just cut loose, follow my prompts and have fun together without any distraction. Trust me, everyone walks away on a huge high...me included!

You are not required to come to the session with anything other than each other.

I won't photograph you with props or any accessory that is not part of your outfit (please leave the kitschy parasols at home!). It's just you and your beautiful family in the moment together, having an awesome time!

I want to capture real connection, joy and fun in my photos and I'll give you all the tools to achieve this as quickly and efficiently as possible. I've got you!

Concerned you won't know what to do in front of the camera? Let me lay your concern to rest, not one image on my website here is a happy accident. Each and every "in between" and "authentic" moment was set up with a clear vision and direction to ensure true and authentic expressions.

I come to my sessions with all the prompts, games, poses and silliness to ensure I capture you and babe joyfully frolicking with a belly full of laughs.

 I'll make sure you ease into the session and feel comfortable in front of my camera as soon as possible. There is no need to worry if "you're doing it right"......I make sure you are!

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Step 4

Step 2


photo delivery!

The very best images of your session will be hand-edited by me and  delivered to you in an online, password protected gallery.

Here comes your pay-off....and warning, there may be happy tears!

Each of my sessions include what is most important to you: The digital files in high-resolution .jpg format. The files are complete with print release and I encourage you to share them with friends and family both near and far, in addition to making beautiful art with them.

I want you to remember the feeling of lightness and love while enjoying a beautiful adventure with your favourite person for years to come.

Mountain and City session experiences also included a complimentary album. Once your receive your gallery of images, all you need to do is tell me which 30 images are your favourite and I turn these into a beautiful bespoke album for you, which my clients love and treasure!

consider a piece of heirloom wall art to display in your family home and become a part of your families legacy

Each piece of wall art I offer is framed, mounted and designed to withstand the test of time. You can see these offerings in my Pricing Guide.

You will always remember how this moment feels.

 I bottle and cork it, especially for you!

let's book!

Step 3

let's make sure we are the absolute most perfect fit!

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more questions?

Sentimental photography is an investment. It is only natural that you have lot's of questions. 

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more about me

Am I really this charming AND authentic? Do I have any hidden talents? What was the name of the town I grew up in? You're just dying to know....I can tell! Well, come on over and get to know me!

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Find out which session is perfect for your family budget and learn more about the optional extras you can add to your family archives.