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Joyful portrait photography in stunning Switzerland

Fun.     Vibrant.   Joyful.

I create fun, vibrant & Joyful images for busy families & motivated professionals who desire photos that are awesome and effortless

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Awesome photos that show off you and your favourite people, with your brightest and shiniest personalities on full display is what I do best! If you yearn for vibrant photos that capture your arms full of wriggly kids, bellies full of laughter and stolen kisses between parents as "that one kid" you have decides to moon the camera (just my kids? Oh, okay), then I'm your photographer!

Allow me to help you make some epic memories of your time here in Switzerland. I'll preserve your unequalled effervescence and next level shenanigans only YOUR family specialises in, while we gallivant amongst some of the most jaw-dropping locations Switzerland has to offer!! Sounds awesome right?!! (Spoiler alert: it totally is!)

Let's get down to the business of making this all happen....You're going to be pleasantly surprised how easy it is!

warning: results include exceptionally playful, joyful, delightful and stunning photos that make your heart Happy, and insides feel all tingly & mushy.

And honestly, who doesn't want that?!

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Life is not boring and your photos shouldn't be either!

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I've got a reputation for making humans feel amazing!

Your family is fun, joyful and adventurous. Shouldn’t you have the photos to prove it?

because here's what I believe:

perfect photos are boring!

Your life is vibrant and full of energy, your photos should be too!

your family is perfectly imperfect in every way

I'm on the look out to capture your family's unique love language! I capture the perfect imperfectness of your family so get the photos of your dreams! My portfolio is not full of paid models, they are real families! What you are connecting with in my images is how I make my subjects FEEL during a session, and that feeling is worth remembering.

Your family's effervescence should be bottled and corked!

Give me less than 2 hours and we’ll do just that!

Most of all, I believe your family is uniquely beautiful.
You should have the photographic evidence to match.

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"You are amazing!! Anyone would be lucky to work with you. You are wonderful with the kids and make the experience so much fun!"


Swiss Alp Family Session
On vacation from the USA

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"Not only does Amanda take amazing photos, but she also helps you relax and guides you during the photo shoot. There was never a dull moment with her. Her knowledge of the local area is amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better experience."


Swiss Alp Couples Session
On honeymoon from Australia

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I hate having my pic taken but Amanda made the process so enjoyable and relaxed and totally put me at ease. 


Personal Branding Session
Ornamental Studio

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