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Most days you can find me out and about with my kiddos as I try to keep up with their shenanigans and very active social lives! Although I have a long history of working with the rich and famous on board multi million dollar private jets (true story and I'm happy to talk about it!!), these days my unique skills include (but are not limited to) chief lego picker-upper, expert vegetable hider and Elmo level cuddler. I believe in the power of jeans with elastin and that a fresh baked cookie can brighten anyone's day. Acts of service is totally my love language and I thrive on the energy of good company and a steaming pot of tea.

I was born and raised in the wilds of New Zealand before my American husband swept me off me feet and introduced me to the magic of shopping at Target (if you're coming from the States...please bring me brown sugar, buffalo sauce and ranch dressing!). After eight years in the USA, Switzerland came a calling and we didn't hesitate to pack up our lives in Savannah, GA and move to Basel, Switzerland.

I love to capture families that are messy, joyful and full of adventure! Whether that be here in Basel or exploring the mountains of the Bernese Oberland, I'm your lady when it comes to fun, exciting and adventurous photos in Switzerland. We live in such a vibrant country with amazing vistas and quaint old towns and I love using these backdrops for your photos! That means you won't catch me at the local park snapping generic images. Instead, l make the most of these views that literally make jaws drop. As for you and your loved one''re bang, smack in the middle of it all!


lovely to meet you!

1 - I’m a Kiwi born and breed, and Switzerland is not my first expat experience. I lived in the USA for eight years before we arrived in Basel. I lived in both Florida and Georgia and loved my time there. I still miss Target....a lot.

2 - Before mummy-hood came calling, I used to crew on private jets. Getting paid to travel the world in luxury was exactly as amazing as it sounds!

3 - I almost always stop to help tourists who look lost. I'm a helper at heart and being able to make someones life a little easier by lending a hand can truly make my day.

4 - I don't love to cook, but I can whip almost anything up out of necessity. I can thank culinary school for that (I did that for the private jets!). I have a terrible habit of making up a fantastic new dish and then not writing down what went in it. My date and orange scones are killer, and so are my cinnamon rolls. (See my recipe here)

5 - My family are my everything. I never imagined I would be the mum of two boys, but I seriously have no complaints about being surrounded by good looking men every day. Don't get me wrong, they have their moments, but they are perfect for me, and me for them. I can hardly believe my good fortune. 

I grew up in a beach town and there is nothing in Switzerland that comes close to the sticky salt air of home. But these days, instead of at the beach, you'll find me out and about in Basel with my two little boys; taking advantage of all our city has to offer. I love to drink tea, binge listen to show tunes and I need sunshine and the company of beloved friends to get me through my days. My husband is the Yin to my Yang and for the last 20 years we've been partners in crime to live adventurously.

Here's five fun facts about my life up till now:

I love the mountains, but miss the beach..... every day

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