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Whether you were born and bred in Switzerland or are a passionate Swiss Alp loving expat, let's take your family photos to the next level with epic views of some of Switzerland's most famous mountains and stunning medieval cities as our backdrop. Only here, in our backyard, can you have 14th century buildings or the iconic Matterhorn in your family photos so let's make them part of your Swiss story!

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Make sure you love my style of photography! It is best suited to fun loving, adventurous families looking for images that truly show your playful personalities and the love you share when you are together having fun.

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Learn more about how I plan to take care of you from our very first contact, to receiving your final images. I'm here to put you at ease about any concerns you might have about making this investment for your family.

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With three fantastic session experiences to choose from, you can get the lowdown on the moo-lah and precisely what each package offers by clicking here....⬇️

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"You are a magician! These pictures are amazing. Makes us all look a million times better than real life too 😂 so perfect. I do cherish our albums and this one is particularly special!"


I captuRe your family living life to its fullest in switzerland.
arms full of kiddos, bellies full of laughs on the adventure of a lifetime.

preperation and planning... You got it!

When I say I take care of you, I mean it. From sending you a comprehensive Prep & Style Guide to taking charge and directing your entire session. There is no stone unturned to ensure you have all the information you need to make your session a successful one!

There's no second guessing on my watch!

Through the years, I've discovered that only a select few are born camera-savvy. Let's be honest, people don't just unfold like graceful gazelles in front of a lens. That's where I step in – armed with prompts, games, poses, and a healthy dose of silliness to capture you and your favorite humans in joyful, laugh-filled frolics. There's no "happy accident" on my website; each candid moment is meticulously set up with purpose. Forget the worry about getting it "right" – I've got that covered. My mission is to freeze genuine connections, exuberance, and fun in my photos, equipping you with the tools for swift, efficient success. You're in capable hands!

Alright, let's keep it real here (deep breath). Brace yourselves, because at some point during our session, your little ones might lose their interest. It's a universal phenomenon, and trust me, I can see it coming from a mile away (famous last words, right?). With a track record of photographing over 500 kids a year, and a solid half of them under the age of four, you can bet I've got a whole arsenal of tricks and delightful games up my sleeve to bring those kiddos back into the action. But guess what? Usually, a bit of grown-up cuddle time is all it takes before FOMO kicks in, and suddenly, they're all about joining the family snuggle. We'll capture those dreamy smiles you're hoping for, and then some – yep, even from Dad! I pinky promise!

It turns out it's fun for the whole family....honest!

quality family time together.... check, check and check!

The time you spend with me having your photos taken is time where all you need to do is simply soak up the goodness of your spouse and family. My sessions are fast paced and fun, I make sure of it! Have confidence that by the time you get to our session, you've already run the gauntlet of getting ready which is arguably the most stressful part of family photos (but not with me because I send you a guide on exactly how to prepare!). With all that nervous energy behind you, brush it off, come into the present and get ready to have a good time with me your favourite people!

I'm only too happy to chat with you about your dream family photoshoot in Switzerland. Holla at me and let's make it happen!


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“Amanda provides an incredible level of personalisation and collaboration. The experience is an incredible value, and the level of service is unbeatable.”


"Working with Amanda to capture our family's experience in Basel was one of the best choices we've made."


"From the very first email, to setting up shoot details, to the day of, she made the whole experience just delightful. I cannot wait till we move back to Europe so that we can work with her again! She now has a lifelong client!"


"I would recommend Amanda for all the moments that are too important to miss."


"Amanda made us free really at ease and managed to tame our wild toddler enough to get some great shots that we will treasure for a lifetime."


"Loved every aspect of working with Amanda from the details before the shoot with a customised video to the presentation of the final photos. She’s the best!"






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