Let  Me Paint a Picture

of how we'll make this happEn!

So you love the kind of photos I make and are keen as beans to make some gorgeous photos together?

Here's what you can expect: 


let's plan

Long before we meet up for our session, I'm interested in learning more about your significant other so we'll know if I am truly the best photographer for you!

During our non-salesy, pre-booking chat, we'll get to the heart of what your driving force is for a family session and exactly why I'm your local expert in making it happen!

schedule a call


once you're booked

Booking is seamless and paperless! You'll literally fly through the official booking process!  As soon as you place your deposit, I will send you an online version of my Preparation and Style Guide to help you begin planning your outfits for our session!

We'll book any hotels if needed and give you all the information on where to meet me and how to get there based on the location you choose!


Your photo shoot

In this moment, it is all about love, laughter, hugs, kisses, play and fun. This is your time to just cut loose, follow my prompts and have fun together without any distraction. When we're done: everyone walks away on a huge high...me included!

You are not required to come to the session with anything other than your family


photo delivery!

The very best images of your session will be hand-edited by me and  delivered to you in an online, password protected gallery.

Here comes your pay-off....and warning, there may be happy tears!

You will always remember how this moment feels. Whether you choose a digital file package or to preserve your favourite pictures in an album, I'm here to help you protect this moment in the very best format for you.

I can't wait to walk you through your options.

let's book!

let's make sure we are the absolute most perfect fit!

Find Out More

more questions?

Sentimental photography is an investment. It is only natural that you have lot's of questions. 

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more about me

Am I really this charming AND authentic? Do I have any hidden talents? What was the name of the town I grew up in? You're just dying to know....I can tell! Well, come on over and get to know me!

meet amanda

pricing & Products

Find out which session is perfect for your family budget and learn more about the optional extras you can add to your family archives.