Tailor-made personal
Branding Shoots

Experience a photoshoot as one-of-a-kind as you are! 

Let's collaborate to capture stunning and lively photographs that radiate your enthusiasm and connect effortlessly with your ideal audience.

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Petite Branding Photo Shoots

Get ready to showcase photos you'll be thrilled to share!

Join me for a 25-minute shoot during one of my upcoming mini branding days. This exciting option will be available in Basel and Zurich soon!

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Your website & social media channels are often the first impression people have of you.

The way we present ourselves online, can have have a big impact on someone's decision about if they will connect with you or not. Being the business owner you are, you know your audience needs to see you show up in your business again and again before they'll trust you enough to work with you.

Great personal branding portraits aren't just a picture of you.

they tell a story of who you are, what you do & where & how you do it.

personal branding photography is for you if:

     You are a small business owner ready to level-up your content and marketing.

     You are launching a new business and want a solid brand image to support your growth.

     You have a marketing plan but lack a cohesive collection of images that support your message.

     You are tired of trying to piecemeal together your DIY efforts of iPhone selfies, terrible filters and hodgepodge of stock photos and forcing them to fit your brand experience.

     You realise your business has outgrown it's old mission and your bank of images no longer support your work and the clients you hope to attract.

     You believe if anything is worth doing, it's worth doing right!

invest in yourself and set yourself apart from the amateurs

how it works

Long before I pick up the camera, your personal branding session begins with a conversation. Together, we'll discuss your brand vision, who your clients are and how you serve them. We'll discuss possible locations, styling and what images you need for any upcoming marketing campaigns. I want to ensure you are confident and comfortable with all of the details before the session.

I come to your photo session with a detailed shot list to ensure you walk away with all the images that will support your brand message and grow your business. Not only do I want capture images that can help you in the current season your business is in, many images will be evergreen that can support you for years to come yet.


Get in touch for a non-salesy chat to learn more about how I can help elevate your business profile.

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custom personal branding sessions

How long is a Personal Branding Session? Well, how long is a piece of string?! Different business require different needs and my goal is to narrow it down to the exact shots you need to save you both time and money!

Base pricing for Personal Branding sessions includes a pre shoot interview so I can deep dive into your business and photographic needs, research into your business and ideal clients, shot list curation, location scouting and two hours of shooting time. 

chf 795

pricing begins at

Most clients invest between CHF 1900 - 2500 for their custom Personal Branding photos.

I've been in business now for almost six years. I've weathered a few storms myself and have learnt a lot along the way. I love to talk shop and would lend a happy ear to learn more about you and your business needs and the goals you hope to reach in the coming months and years. Maybe I could help you do this!

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schedule a call

This is a no obligation, get to know each other chat. You have questions and I most likely have the answers to help you on your path to massive growth and success!