Exclusively for Schools, Daycares and Playgroups my Fine Art School Portraits are a modern approach to school photos. No more cheesy smiles with strange backgrounds. The background will be black and the photos will be simple and classic. Instead of forcing a cheesy grin, the children will be encouraged to be themselves and will never be forced to smile.

I am able to offer all of the same services as large photography studios, however my photos are genuine and my service is more personal.

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Beautiful, Timeless, Modern

School Portraits

Fine Art

Forever is composed of nows

- Emily Dickinson

I never force a smile and simply aim to capture the essence of the child I photograph. No awkward poses or faces, just the authentic child on the day. The results are genuine and timeless portraits that are far from the traditional cheesy photos we have become accustomed to with bright flashes and unflattering, busy backgrounds. I provide a light and fun experience for your children and take pride in providing an environment where the kids can relax and be themselves, naturally.

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