Best time of year for family photos

Best time of Year for Family Photos

Best time of Year for Family Photos

Here we are in mid-August already. This is a very busy time of year for me. Family photos taken in autumn is arguably the most popular time of year to do so. But is it the best time of year for family photos? Today I am going to break down all of the pro’s for each season and why I actually love shooting in all of them!


(I’m a Kiwi so it’s autumn, not fall, in my world….but I’m open to both!)

Let’s begin in the season we are entering right now. Autumn. Autumn backdrops are nothing short of stunning. What I love about photographing in autumn is not just the colours, but also the feelings fall brings with it. We begin to move out of our sandals and back into proper shoes. It’s sweater weather and we feel ready to ease into our cozy clothing. Layers and textured clothing photographs beautifully, as do the colours made famous by the Dutch Masters. Burgundies, mustards and jewel tones. As the temperatures start to drop, the sun follows suit with later sunrises and earlier sunsets which means my sessions can take place earlier in the evening than they do mid summer. This is a great time of year to update you family photos, especially if you’re of the organised type and love to get Christmas cards in the mail on time. In Basel, our Rhine backdrop is dominated by the gorgeous ferris wheel at the Herbstmesse. I am often booked solid over these weeks as families love to feature this in their family photos. Autumn certainly delivers when it comes to family photos, and I hope you’ve consider this season for your family!

Fall family photos autumn


This is probably the least popular time of year for family photos, yet I still think it’s fab! What I love, love, love about winter sessions is the light. The sun is low in the sky and that allows me to be more creative with my photographs. I am able to get pretty sun flare images well into mid morning. I also love winter clothing. Building on the fall wardrobe I love the additions of hats, scarves, mittens and coats. As we move into the New Year there is a better chance of it snowing. There is literally nothing more romantic than Basel under a blanket of snow. This is a great time of year to contact me to see if I have any winter specials happening!

Best time of year for family photos


What don’t I love about spring?! I have written a couple of posts about taking photos amongst the cherry blossoms, but that does not at all mean the that is your only option on locations. As Basel literally springs to life, so does my work year. Family photos in spring should be a must, especially if you have been feeling weighed down by our long winters. It’s time to slip on a great pair of jeans with your favourite blouse or shirt. Think komono’s as a cardigan and cute block heeled clog for an easy-breezy look. A spring session often makes my families feel like they have ticked the first big family to-do off of their list for the year. Although we often get plenty of rain at this time of year, that only adds to the magic. I love to shoot right after a rainstorm. As the clouds part and let the sun through, the cobblestones begin to glitter and you’ll be delighted by the results. Or, if you prefer, we can head to the fields to soak in the wild flowers and dandelions that grown in abundance here. The choice is totally yours and I am happy to brainstorm locations with you!

Spring Family Photos Basel Switzerland


The long hot sticky days of summer may not seem ideal for your family photos, but I beg to differ, and here’s why! I love to shoot in the full sun. There, I said it! I throw all caution to the wind and break many a technical photographers collective hearts by admitting that, but I love the look of full sun pictures. This is an ideal time of year to book you mountain photo session in, or embrace an early Sunday morning play at the Birsköpfli, or enjoy a late afternoon session at Klybeck followed by a beverage on the Rhine to round out your weekend. When we’re not restricted by sunrise and sunset our options are endless. Slip into your sandals and sundress and let the sun rule your day!

Basel Family Photographer Whatever season you decide is perfect for your family photos, I am here for you!

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