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Family Feature – Sam and Mike

A Basel Family Feature

Today I am taking us back to the cherry blossoms in Basel! What an amazing spring we had this year, I can’t remember the last time we had so much sunshine in April. As someone who really starts to feel the affects of a long, grey winter, it was very welcome!

Spring ushers in new life, a chance to shed layers and release your feet from months of boot wearing. As a Kiwi, I cannot wait to go barefoot again! (And if you’re wondering what on earth that means, sign up to my newsletter and you’ll find out!) So frolicking in the fields amongst the cherry blossoms and dandelions with no shoes on is just the ticket!

Sam and Mike are some of my longest and dearest friends here in Basel. I love to photograph them and their two sweet boys. They are passionate about the great outdoors, so I knew a trip to the cherry blossoms to update their family pics would be a perfect fit for them. And guys, we kindda nailed it. I mean, could this crew be any more gorgeous??

Basel Land, Solothurn and Aarau are all thick with blooming cherry trees in spring. The rolling fields become patchwork quilts of colour as the trees do their thing. The location choices for photos are endless, however the season is so, so, so short! We are talking four to six days from the time they blossoms bloom until they are no more. I’m just as busy as the bees checking out the trees every few days to make sure it’s go time for my families who have booked cherry blossom session. And what a bonus it is to have the buttercups and dandelions also do their thing just as the trees are blooming. It’s some seriously good work by Mother Nature and I for one appreciate it!

If you would love to have your photos taken amongst the cherry blossoms next year be sure to sign up for my mailing list! All of my most exclusive offers are sent to my mailing list first. It’s also chock full great info about living here in Basel. You can also snag a FREE GIFT on how to organise and display your smartphone pics while you’re there too!

So until you can have your photos taken in this beautiful location please enjoy Sam and Mikes gallery!

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