Come on girls! Get in yo’self in the picture!

Amanda Joy Beach Mum shoot

Mum’s need to get in the frame too!

Ladies. Let’s be real for a minute. Put your hand up if you’re not comfortable getting in front of the camera anymore. Yip, me too. It is the rare mum who is not guilty of this!

A few extra pounds of baby weight that’s not going anywhere has me feeling, well not like me. I’ve struggled with letting someone else control the shutter too. My hubby tends to capture more pavement than people!

I know your concerns. I hear that you don’t have time. I understand that you don’t feel great about your body after baby. I get that you don’t think you need to have a fuss made about yourself. And I’m here to tell you that THAT is exactly what you need to do. And here is the reason why… need to do it for your kids.

Imagine 20 years from now. The family’s all gathered together at home for the holidays. The kids are home from school and you’ve managed to dig out some of your old photo books from that time you lived in Switzerland. And the first thing your children are drawn to are the images of you in your younger days. “Wow Mum, I remember that outfit!” they are bursting with nostalgia.

Most importantly, they don’t care if you thought you were 10 pounds too heavy 20 years ago! Seriously! They know you and they love you no matter what size pants you wear or what the scale says. Who says you have to share photos on social media anyway? You can just keep them in a book like we’ve always done.

Your photographs are for you and your family, not for a 1000 likes on Facebook.

And if you’re worried about family photos being a big fuss, I’m here to debunk that one for you too. The truth is we do not need to make a fuss to create something beautiful because the beauty is in the simplicity. I love to show a mother how gorgeous she is when she snuggles into her babies soft curls. I can show a father how much his kids worship him by just a look in their eyes as he holds them. But most importantly parents are converted into believers that they are enough, their love is special, their children’s lives move at warp speed and their legacies are more than worth preserving.

So, to all you mums out there afraid to step in front of the camera, the beauty is not in what size you are!

It’s in the love you have for your family, and the love they have for you. Your kids need to have photographs of you and them together, they want to be able to show their kids how kick arse and amazing you were when they were little. That’s the truth, I promise!

If you’re ready explore the idea of having your family photos taken, let’s talk. You can contact me right here and I can’t wait to get to know you and your family soon! 

And as for me, I did recently reach out to a pro and paid my fee just like everyone else. And yes dear, it was worth every penny! Here are some of my favourites. You see, it’s not so bad!!

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