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The unbelievably stunning Swiss Alps are the OG playground of nature lovers and adventurers from around the world.

A photo session in the Swiss Alps is, for many, a once in lifetime experience. To experience the scale and epic views is one thing, to feel their magnetic and grounding forces is something else completely.

Imagine your family taking centre stage amongst this force of nature as you spin, frolic, laugh, play, cuddle and kiss one each other beneath their gaze. 

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Family photography is an investment. It is only natural that you have lot's of questions.

Learn how I handle weather woes and misguided toddlers while still keeping cool about it all.

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Am I really this charming AND authentic? Do I have any hidden talents? What was the name of the town I grew up in? You're just dying to know....I can tell! Well, come on over and get to know me!

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