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The Importance of getting Grandparents in your Family Photos.


The Importance of getting Grandparents in your Family Photos.

If you’re anything like our family, living abroad means we don’t get to see our kids grandparents as much as we would like to. Because of this, I think it’s extra important to include them in your family photos. Whether you have your annual photos taken “back home” or right here in Basel (with me!) getting those grandparents in the frame is something quite special for the whole family.

I personally believe the relationship between your kids and their grandparents is a sacred one. I secretly love that my own parents throw away the detailed instructions I leave for them as soon as I walk out the door. Instead it’s ice cream and special outings on the adgenda! My kids thrive on all the spoils lavished upon them by my parents. It’s a friendship-first kind of deal…..and they love it! (Along with ALL that ice cream!)

I want my kids to have visual reminders of the joy, love and laughter they shared with some of the people who love them most.

As time ticks on we all age. Some of us are lucky to have our children meet our own grandparents. Although they might not be able to rough and tumble with toddlers, I firmly believe that young children bring such joy to our elderly family members. I have so many wonderful photos of our boys snuggling with their great-grandparents. They will be photos we will refer to over and over again as our children grow. We’ll be able to tell the stories of their lives and relive the memories our kids might be have been too young to remember. When family members pass, having photos of our kids with their grandparents and great-grandparents keep our loved ones still part of our family narrative. It’s proof our kids were also part of the grandparents story, even if it was closer to the end chapters.

For me, capturing all of your family members and the love they share is vital for your family archives.

I love to turn images of your family members into treasured heirlooms. If your parents or grandparents are in town and you have your family photos booked, bring them along! I do not charge any extra for additional family members joining in on the fun. I also firmly believe in the power and importance of photographs retelling family history as time soldiers on.

If you have your family members heading to town and would love to have an extended family shoot, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me here and together we can dream up the perfect family shoot for you!

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