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Covid-19 Update

Moving forward with Coronavirus

We can all agree it has been weird old time in the world this year. I’m sure we would all like 2020 to go home because it is obviously drunk! With the worldwide explosion of Coronavirus, our lives have been turned upside down in so many ways. Being in quarantine has been the longest, shortest two months of my life! Finally though, excitement is afoot as we can now begin to regain a few of our previous freedoms. Thank goodness!

Before I move forward, I would like to acknowledge that although most of us have come through this event relatively unscathed, many families have suffered greatly. I am truly sorry if you have felt the loss of treasured loved ones or employment uncertainty during this time. My deepest sympathies are with you and you are in my thoughts as you continue to move forward into a new normal.

Fortunately, our family has continued to stay well, and this includes our extended families in New Zealand where I am from, and the USA where my husbands family lives. We count ourselves very fortunate in that regard. 

Now we can open for business again here in Switzerland, I am looking forward to making beautiful photos for my clients once again! I love what I do and my extroverted bones are itching to get back to work and create for you amazing people again.


There is no way around it, my service is a personal one. I have been known to get right into your space for some of the photos I want to capture for you. Sometimes I will move your hand or shoulders to place you in the pose I am looking for. This will obviously need to change. Moving forward, social distancing guidelines will be respected.

How I manage my sessions will also need to look a little different from before. I am so sad there will be no hello and good bye hugs and handshakes for the foreseeable future. I will need to be clearer with my instructions as I place you in position for your photos. The same spark and enthusiasm will remain the same, the only change will be the distance between us!

Because of the Coronavirus, I am anticipating a change in how people want to spend their time moving forward. To accommodate this need, I have introduced a new service for families who would prefer to keep their sessions as short and sweet as possible. My new service is called “20 in 20”: 20 photos in 20 minutes and I am really excited about them! You can read all about what they include and how to book right here!


As always, my sessions will still involve the same level of movement, laughter, play, fun and joy. The lenses I use are wide angle and zoom and with this equipment I do not need to be inside your two metre bubble at all. Only a small number of close up images will not be possible as a result of social distancing.

The level of service I provide, my session style, high quality of product and your fabulous photo results will remain at its previous high standard. That I can guarantee.


Photos in 2020 will not be just another annual update. This year is significant in our history books. Now truly is an important time to immortalise your family as the world and how we live our lives continue to change before our very eyes. It would be an honour to help you bottle a little bit of it for your family.

Even as the world stands still, time continues to pass. Children keep growing and our grey hair somehow keeps on sprouting. 2020 is a year like no other. The magic of photos is the nostalgic feelings they induce. Memories, moments and professionally preserving a little slice of your life is why we make this investment for ourselves. 

I would be at fault if I also did not mention your investment will be supporting a small business. This a huge deal to me in the best of times and an even bigger one right now. Now I am open for business again, I would love to get back to doing what I do best, creating beautiful images for YOU.

I promise you, your investment in me right now will never decrease in value. Photos are gifts to your family that are become priceless as time rolls on through the years. Booking your session with me makes you a very clever investor indeed!


Completing my booking form here will get the ball rolling for you today….let’s do this!

Covid-19 Swiss Photographer

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