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Swiss Vacation Family Feature – Lynzy & Ryan

Swiss Vacation Family Feature – Lynzy and Ryan Part 1

Lynzy is kind of a big deal. Like actually, she’s a real big deal! An original blogger and Instragramer, she has turned her passion for fashion, life and mommy hood into something quite special. You see, Lynzy is no slouch. She’s a qualified Emergency Room Physicians Assistant who found she needed a creative outlet to balance the trauma she was witnessing most shifts in the ER. To do this she started sharing her uber relatable fashion tips on her blog Lynzy&Co. As her follower numbers grew, so did her family. With three little ones under the age of five, she is a lean, mean mommy machine!

But seriously, I was beyond thrilled when she reached out to me on Instagram asking if I would photograph a few of their days on vacation in the Swiss Alps!

I arrived in Wengen on a beautiful sunny day on the mountain to meet Lynzy, Ryan and their adorable kiddos. Having spent plenty of time in the Lauterbrunnen Valley over the years, I knew Männlichen would be an amazing location for a shoot in the Alps. I have an amazing photo of my husband and son with some cows at Männlichen we took a few years back now. I had actually been itching it get a family up to the same location for a full session. Enter Lynzy & Co!

From Wengen, Männlichen is a quick eight minute cable car ride upwards. You have stunning views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley as you rise quickly into the sky above. When you exit at the top cable car station, you walk out to jaw dropping views of the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau mountains and the stunning Grindelwald Valley below.

Since these photos hit Lynzy’s Instagram account, I’ve received enquiry after enquiry to capture something similar for other families.

I am truly honoured to do that for each and every one of you who ask me to do this for you. You are quite literally my dream clients!

This is only part one to our two day adventure together. I’m going to share part two next week, but in the mean time, take a look at these cuties!

What do you think of this location, guys?!! Can you imagine your next family photos looking this freaking amazing?!! It’s all thanks to Lynzy and her go big or go home attitude and the ridiculously good looking Swiss Alps! Oh ok, I help a little too!

I’m currently booking 2019 mountain sessions; don’t wait until it’s too late! September is already booked! Feel free to comment below or send me and email by clicking right here.

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