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My Guide to Organising, Storing and Displaying your Family Photos

One of the biggest pain points for parents these days is keeping up with our own family photos. Gone are the days of finishing a roll of film, printing your images and slipping them into albums. Instead now we struggle with not only the volume we have to sort through (more than ever before!) but also what is the best way to store them. Most of us are a disaster zone when it comes to organising, storing and displaying our smart phone images. Many of us are stuck somewhere between our cloud storage being full and struggling to remember to download our images to a safer storage or are confused on how to even get them off our phones and onto hard drives.

Well team. I have a treat for you today! I would love for you to download my FREE guide to organising, storing and displaying your family photos! It will guide you through how to curate your favourite images, store them safely and some really great resources on where to print your most favourite pictures. This is an easy to read 10 page PDF that takes you through the process step-by-step. There is no need for you to have to struggle with this important task anymore! The method I walk you through should take you a total of 15 minutes every month. And as an added bonus, it also doesn’t require you to plug your phone in to your computer to do any of this!

My goal for this guide is that it leaves you confidant that you have all your best images ready to go when it comes time to print your Family Yearbook in the New Year. You’ll be feeling lighter than air when your no longer drowning in photos, I just know it!

So go ahead, head on over to my website right here and look for the FREE GIFT near the bottom of the page.

xoxo Amanda

Amanda Joy Photography Freebie


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