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Family Feature – Ditte and Jakob

A Switzerland Family Feature


It took it’s time this year, but the spring cherry blossoms finally happened for Switzerland in late April. I had spent the better part of a month driving to my location to see if the cherry blooms had begun. Due to our very cold and long winter, they certainly took their time but treated us spectacularly when they finally did their thing. Switzerland is famous for it’s cherry blossoms! The Basel Land and Aargau regions are a visual delight in spring as the blooms pop against the lush spring grass and glowing dandelions of the season!

Ditte had been procrastinating about their family photos for years. Her fear was the same that many families have. That her children would not be able to pay attention or behave during a session. Which might lead to disappointment and feeling like they had wasted time and money.

I hear this a lot and it is a genuine fear for families.

Photography is not a vital necessity to sustain a family day to day. It is something you do for your family as an optional extra. But the investment you make for your family in photos today, only grow in value over time. Babies grow ever so fast and just a few years difference can have you longing for more cuddles from that baby you used to hold every day.

Understanding Ditte’s fears well, I approached our session as I do with any session. To have as much fun as possible! I don’t ever expect children to “behave” during a session. It’s hard for kids to stay “on” all the time, so I change and adapt the session to give them a break until gently coxing them back into the game. Even the most resilient children eventually have a blast, and these kids were no exception! There was plenty of time or running through the dandelions, snuggling in their mums arms and laughing with dad. The joy and devotion of this family captured as a final result will speak for decades to come.

In Ditte’s words:

“We are over the moon with the work Amanda did for us, she managed to capture the the nature of our family perfectly. Amanda had a very professional but relaxed attitude. She took charge when they needed guidance and let the children take plenty of breaks. She is very patient and lots of fun.” – Ditte

I cannot wait to deliver the album to this session! All of my sessions include all of your digital negatives AND an album as a tangible takeaway from our time together. Those albums become treasured keepsakes just like the albums of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents albums have done in the past. These photos will be a beautiful addition to their family history for generations.

If you want to show Ditte and Jakob some love they will receive a free 8 x 10 print for every 10 comments left below! Don’t be shy, help them out and comment below!

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