Why I love Lifestyle Photography

Why I’m a Lifestyle Photographer

What is Lifestyle Photography and why do I love it?!

Have you been wondering what Lifestyle Photography is? You, my friend, are not alone! Like any industry, photographers are really great about using buzz words to describe their style. Yet sometimes we fail to explain exactly what we me by this. So today friends, I would like to put my two cents worth together on Lifestyle Photography and why I love it so much.

Lifestyle photography has been explained as many things. From “not quite documentary yet not quite formal portraits” to “capturing the in-between moments” to “a combination of photojournalism and fine art portraiture”. Hummmmm. It seems even amongst photographers we are not entirely sure what the genre actually means! So I am going to give you my best definition and explain it here.

To me, lifestyle photography is a capturing relationships and personalities. I want to photograph your family loving and laughing together. I want you to see a photo of your child and think….that is so them!

How do I do this? Well, it begins with OUR relationship. Before every photo session, I ask my families to complete a questionnaire about their family members. Then I memorise everyone’s name, the children’s ages and any personality quirks their parents may have made me privy to. When I show up to my sessions, I greet each family member by name and I let the kids know we’re here first and foremost to have FUN!

I love this type of photography because I love humans. I’m passionate about capturing families that are joyful and full of life and spirit! I am genuinely interested in you and your family members. Seriously! I want to know what bought you to Switzerland, how long you plan to be here for and what your favourite place to visit has been. And I’m an open book! I’m open about our journey to Basel and our life here. I can relate to you on SO MANY LEVELS when it comes to raising kids here! I’m walking that road right there with you, sister!

So, if you’re as excited about having your photos taken as you are about going to the dentist, I want to change that for you! Just like for the kids, I want you to have fun too! I’m not afraid to get a little silly behind the camera and I promise you, if we all get a bit silly, we get AMAZING photos! I’m proud that I can tease out the best of smiles from even the toughest of three year old, one fart joke at a time if necessary!

My best photos are the photos that are not so posed. Throughout our session I guide and direct you in ways that bring out your best smiles. Not fake, cheesy smiles, but true belly laughter, eye smiling smiles. The best kind of smile!

If this at all sounds like it is right up your alley, I would LOVE to photograph you! Please contact me here or directly at amanda@amandajoy-photography.com

Let me bring your family photos to life!

I’m very aware my preferred style, lifestyle, is not for everybody and I encourage you to find the photographer that fits your needs best. For my best tips on how to do that, you can head to this blog post here! If I’m not for you, that doesn’t mean we still can’t be friends! I would love for you to join my mailing list where you can get updates on life in Basel and our Swiss travel adventures. I’m an information sharer and I’m positive I will have something kicking around here on my blog that is for you too.

Amanda xx

Why I love lifestyle photography


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