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Why Winter Portraits Should Be a Thing

Why Winter Portraits Should Be a Thing.

We are heading into the depths of Winter, and I could not be more excited! This is the season I find I am most productive on the business side of Amanda Joy Photography. It’s the season of hibernation. So I bunker down and prepare my workflow and systems for the busy season that will inevitably come.

Naturally, you are all in a semi state of hibernation too. Unless you’re hitting the slopes every weekend that is! But in all fairness, it’s not really the season where anyone is screaming out for family photos now is it?

But why not? Last week, I was out for a walk amongst the snowy fields of Basel-Land and it was stunningly beautiful. I thought about how much my Basel Instagram follows blow up with excitement any time we get any snowfall in the city. Kids and adults equally enjoy a good snow day, and Basel never looks more beautiful. What a back drop for your family pics, eh?!

Even if it has not snowed for weeks, there are more reasons to consider family photos in the Winter. The first reason I can think of is the light. Winter light is often defused by low cloud making a photo session possible at almost any hour of the day. It means you won’t need to wake kids up early to catch the sunrise or keep them up until almost 10 pm. Even if the weather forecast is endless blue skies on the day of your session. A sunrise shoot is at a much more civilised hour of around 9 am in Winter compared to 5 am in the summer. Sunset is at a reasonable 4 pm.

The low sun in the sky during the short winter days also provides lots of opportunity for photographers to get more creative with your images. Think beautiful sun flares and rim lit portraits.

Dressing for winter shoots is also a lot of fun. I do recommend everyone is wearing a good set of base layers with any type of outfit they put on for winter portraits. But the outer layers can be a wonderful way to pop against the sometimes bleak skies of Winter.

Think reds and jewelled toned burgundies, greens and blues. You can also stand out with good old black, especially if you use both patterns and solids in your outfits. Scarves, hats, mittens, earmuffs, capes and vests are awesome ways to add texture and colour to your family photos too. Check out my Pinterest board here for some family outfit ideas.

Can we also talk a hot minute about how we live in Switzerland. It almost seems wasteful to me that we do not take our families to the alps for family sessions! I know, people are worried about the logistics. But I believe everything is figure-out-able!! Don’t let the logistics cloud the finish line of what could be of the most beautiful family photos you’ve ever had! I’m here! I can help!! We can totally pull this mission off!

Ski outfits look great in the mountains! If all you have is ski gear, rock your ski gear! The thing I am most interested in capturing are your faces. The love you have for each other. The fun and joy you are experiencing from your day out in the mountains. I want to see you have snow fights and make snowmen together. You will never for a day in your life ever regret having such joyful and adventurous photos of your family spending time together. That is my promise to you.

So what are we waiting for! Now is the season and I would love a good reason to head to the hills for a day! Feel free to send me a message about planning your family photos in the city or mountains this winter. I would love to make your dream photo session happen for you!

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